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Worldwide Blog Tour

Worldwide Blog Tour- Mya O’Malley

It’s blog time. This is part of a worldwide blog hop for readers and writers called “The Writing Process World Blog Tour.” I was invited to this World Blog Hop by K.V. Flynn.

  How did I get here? I was invited to the tour by author K.V. Flynn. K.V. Flynn is a writer who lives in Southern California, kind of near Manhattan-Huntington-Malibu Beach. His action-adventure book ON THE MOVE about 14-year-old skater friends who are stranded at skate camp when a War breaks out comes out on Sept.2. Follow the news about it at His favorite ride is an 8.25" Krooked deck, Indy trucks, and 53 mm Spitfire wheels. He is half Spanish and half Irish. K.V. has a dog, and has been watching "Pretty Sweet" by Chocolate Skateboards, "Stay Gold" by Emerica, and "The Deathwish Video" by Deathwish Skateboards. What about you!? He and his bros regularly cruise Venice, Stoner, Skatelab, and Van’s. Talk back:

    And what about me?   

My name is Mya O’Malley and I’m a contemporary romance author.  I was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City, where I live with my husband, daughter and three step-daughters. I also have two boxers and a  ragdoll cat.
            My passion is writing; I have been creating stories and poetry since I was a child.   I spend my free time reading just about anything I can get my hands on.  I’m a romantic at heart and love to create stories with unforgettable characters that stay with me long after I finish writing. My brand-new release came out on August 4th. At First Sight is a contemporary romance about finding love in the modern age. If you enjoy a romantic love story or have ever experienced online dating, you will appreciate this book. I have three more novels that are due for release over the next several months.

    Here is what we’re answering today:

    Q. 1/ What are you working on?  Currently, I am working on lots of edits! I have three novels that are due out over the next several months. I am also writing my first YA novel, which is such a different experience for me. I’m enjoying the challenges of working outside my usual genre.

    Q. 2/How does your work differ from others in your genre?  I believe that everyone has a unique voice and something new to share. I enjoyed writing about finding love in the modern age with the use of technology.  My characters struggle with the concept of online dating, while holding out for finding love at first sight.

    Q. 3/ Why do you write what you write?  I guess you could say that I’m a romantic at heart. This makes it fun to create characters that experience the twists and turns of finding love. I know that as a reader, I love to get lost in a good love story with believable characters.

     Q.4/ How does your writing process work?  I think of writing as a growth process, I’m continuously learning while I write. Once I get an idea, I jot it down in a journal and take it from there. When I start writing a book I try to dedicate some time each day to write, so I can keep the plot and characters fresh in my mind.

I'm pleased to participate in this Worldwide Blog Tour, I hope others will enjoy being part of such a great tour! 
Mya :)